If you’re retiring, or just starting to think about it, an account-based pension can help to grow your funds – even after you begin accessing them.

An account-based pension is a tax-effective way to create a retirement income stream. We offer two different account-based pensions - RetireChoice and RetireSmart. Learn about the differences between RetireChoice and RetireSmart here. The difference between the two is in whether you want to make your own investment- related decisions or if you prefer an investment strategy that has been pre-mixed.

Not ready to retire? Use your account-based pension to transition to retirement and access up to 10% of your superannuation balance every year.

Here’s what you need to start an account-based pension

Firstly, you need to decide if you are starting a RetireSmart or RetireChoice account-based pension. Both of these products can be used by people who are either already retired or aged 55 and older (and still working) who want to supplement their retirement savings.

When you’re signing up, please have ready:

  • Your personal contact details, including your tax file number
  • The amount you wish to invest in your pension account
  • Account details (if you are transferring from another fund)
  • If you are applying for RetireChoice, please supply your chosen investment options
  • The amount and frequency of pension payments
  • Your nominated beneficiaries
  • Certified proof of identification.

Once you have that information, select the account you would like to sign up to from the list below.

You don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help guide you on your path to retirement.

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Apply for a RetireSmart account-based pension

RetireSmart features a single investment option and does not require that you select or manage investments. The investment strategy is pre-mixed.

Apply for a RetireChoice account-based pension

RetireChoice allows members to customise your investment choices based on your needs and risk tolerances from our 14 different investment options.