It takes just a couple of minutes to consolidate your super accounts; let us help you get started.

If you’ve ever changed jobs or moved, you might have lost track of a superannuation account. That account still has your funds in it! Here’s how to claim it.

Why should you consolidate your super?

  • Reduce duplicate fees
  • Control your investments
  • Find your lost super that may be with the ATO
  • Cancel any unwanted insurance.

Before you consolidate:

  • Review all your accounts to ensure you are consolidating your accounts into the super fund that’s right for you
  • Verify fees and charges across both funds including exit fees
  • Review your insurance cover and benefits to ensure that your chosen fund will meet your needs
  • Check your current accounts to see if changing funds will affect how much your employer contributes. Some employers contribute more to certain funds
  • Our planners are here to assist you and can discuss the process of consolidating your super and the impacts it may have on your account balance and or insurance. Click here to book in today.

How to consolidate your super

If you have super elsewhere, and you’d like to bring it into your Australian Catholic Superannuation account, you can:

Don’t forget you’ll need the details of your other fund to complete the above.

What happens next?

Once you have completed the required action (online or by the form), we will work with the other fund to bring your funds across.

You can check in the member portal at any time to see if your funds have come in.