Australian Catholic Superannuation investments are expressed in units.

These units are valued daily (business day). Their value goes up or down depending on how investment markets perform (i.e. investment earnings are included in the unit price each business day).

Your account balance at any time is the number of units you hold in a particular option multiplied by the applicable price for that option.

The tables below list the current unit prices for our superannuation, pension and transition to retirement investment options for the past 5 days.  

The name of our investment options have changed: ‘High Growth’ became ‘Growth’, ‘Growth’ because ‘Balanced’, ‘Balanced’ became ‘Conservative Balanced’, ‘Conservative Balanced’ became ‘Conservative’, ‘Conservative’ became ‘Capital Stable’, ‘Socially Responsible Balanced’ became ‘Socially Responsible’, effective 31 May 2019.

Superannuation unit prices
Pension Unit Prices
Transition To Retirement Unit Prices