Australian Catholic Superannuation has a 40 year history of assisting members all around Australia. Our members come from diverse groups, with a focus on education, especially Catholic education. Our goal has been to create the best retirement outcomes possible for members.

Over the past 40 years, the Fund has created investment options that suit the needs of our members. With an older demographic, the goal has been to create options that aim to minimise market volatility and ensure that the conservative options, that are popular with older members approaching retirement, have achieved the best returns possible. As an example, our Conservative option over 10 years is ranked 7th of 42 options according to independent ratings house SuperRatings to October 2021. The conservative option is popular with members looking for adequate returns (it has returned 5.96% to October 2021 over 10 years) while avoiding the highs and lows of more aggressive options.

The table below shows the Fund’s objectives for each option, with all meeting their stated objectives. You’ll notice that returns have far exceeded the set objective.

Please note that returns below include an admin fee of 0.25% and is for one year of returns to June 30, 2021.

Options' Performance vs Investment Options

Diversified Options
Description of Objective Return (pa)   Objective (pa)    Relative (pa)
Growth CPI + 3.5% over 10 yrs N/A N/A N/A
Balanced CPI + 3.0% over 10 yrs   7.53%  4.43%  3.10% 
Conservative Balanced  CPI + 2.5% over 10 yrs   6.73%  3.93%  2.80% 
Socially Responsible  CPI + 2.5% over 10 yrs  8.05%  3.93%  4.12% 
Conservative  CPI + 1.5% over 10 yrs  6.24%  2.93%  3.31% 
Capital Stable  CPI + 1.0% over 10 yrs   4.45%  2.43%  2.02% 

Note: Conservative Balance commenced June 2009, return shown for 9 years
Note: Objectives are adjusted for admin fees


Single Sector Options Description of Objective* Return (pa)  Objective (pa)*  Relative (pa) 
Shares 48% S&P/ASX300 Accumulation index and 52% MSCI All country World EX Aust hedged and 50% MSCI unhedged  10.59%  11.24%  -0.64% 
Australian Shares  S&P ASX Accum over 10 yrs  9.43%  9.21%  0.21% 
International Shares  50% MSCI All Country World ex- Australia with Special tax index (net AUD) and 50% MSCI All Country World ex- Australia with Special tax 100% Hedged to AUD Index (after tax) 11.51%  12.86%  -1.35
Property  *MSCI/IPD Aust Pooled Property Fund index  7.93%  8.45%  -0.53% 
Bonds  AusBond Comp Index over 10 yrs  4.83%   4.95%  -0.12% 
Credit Income Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index +2.5% over 10 yrs  N/A  N/A N/A 
Cash & Term Deposits  Bloombery AusBond Bank Bill Index over 10 yrs  2.62%  2.19%  0.43% 

Note: Sector returns reflect pension options so as to compare untaxed returns against untaxed objectives

*the MSCI/IPD Aust Pooled Property Fund Index is lagged by one month and updated after the 15th bus. Day each month

Currently, a merger with UniSuper is being explored. It would enable the Fund’s members to access UniSuper’s low fees and excellent performance. The merger, if it proceeds, is due for completion in the second half of 2022.

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