We can provide you with personalised advice to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial advice and planning can make a difference in your life no matter if you’re starting your career or getting ready to retire. From creating a plan to building wealth and reducing debt to helping you transition to retirement, financial advisers can help you achieve your goals.

What is financial advice?

Financial advice can range from having a simple question answered over the phone – which investment options to choose – to creating a more comprehensive and personalised strategy to help you manage your financial affairs.

Financial advice can help you:

  • Achieve your financial goals
  • Plan for your future
  • Transition to retirement

What do I need to know about receiving financial advice?

Here are a few things you should understand when you engage a financial adviser:

  • Your financial advice should be based on your specific needs, financial situation and goals.
  • Your financial adviser should spend time understanding your goals before offering a solution.
  • Our financial advisers will take the time to get to know you and provide recommendations based on your individual needs. You will never feel rushed or pressured into making any decisions.
  • Your financial adviser will have the entire financial planning process outlined, including how much it will cost and what you receive, before you agree to a full financial plan.
  • Our single-issue, over-the-phone financial advice service is offered to our members at no additional cost.
  • Your first meeting with our face-to-face advice team is provided at no cost; and you will be provided with a no-obligation quote before proceeding.
  • Need general advice about setting up and accessing your account? Contact us with any questions you might have
  • Your financial advisers will ensure that you are receiving advice that is in your best interest.

Our financial advisers are paid on a fee-for-service basis, meaning they are paid a flat fee for their advice and receive no commissions or incentives for their recommendations.

What is the Statement of Advice?

Everyone who seeks advice from the financial planning team at the fund will receive a Statement of Advice. This document sets out the advice provided to you and is full of valuable details to help you achieve your goals.

The Statement of Advice also clearly states any fees and charges associated with the advice and its ongoing management.