If you're looking to manage your super account or account-based pension, the forms and publications you might need are on this page.

Product Disclosure Statements (and associated fact sheets)

Our Product Disclosure Statements will give you an outline of the main features of our super and pension plans.

You can use them to compare our super and pension offerings with other products.

Financial Services Guide (FSG)

Our FSG will help you understand the different financial services we offer along with any costs and obligations. Download the FSG here.

Significant event notices

Australian Catholic Superannuation has an ongoing responsibility to inform members about any 'significant events' or 'material changes' to the Fund, particularly when the outcome will have a fundamental impact on their retirement savings. Click here to review.

Annual Reports

Our annual report provides key information on our fund’s performance, activities and developments for current and past financial years. It also outlines details of remuneration of directors and executives. Click here to review our annual reports.

Our Archives

For your reference, our archive contains copies of some of our most important documents from the past.

Because postage charges are increasing and because we’re environmentally friendly, we don’t distribute these documents by traditional mail.

Don’t worry, they’ll continue to be created in an easy to use email format and will be accessible right here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you can’t find a newsletter, report, guide or statement you need on this page, give us a call on 1300 658 776 and we’ll get a copy to you.